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Adventure tours in Israel

How the standard bus tour is conducted in any country of the world? The crowd of tourists silently goes after the guide; they drowsily turn their heads right and left and listen to standard historical facts, briefly viewing archaeological monuments and make the usual pictures of "me with this ruin, church, monument on the background…" If the guide is interesting and can impart the information, then tourists will enjoy and remember the tour. But the truth is that with the time pass all they can remember is "oh, the guide was very good".
But your heart needs something else. Change of monotonous environment and routine activities. It needs an emotional outburst. An adventure! And such adventure that you run to tell the friends and acquaintances about how it was "amazing", "unbelievable", "exciting", "breathtaking" and dream you continue it. Sounds familiar?
Then welcome to our adventure tours world!
Our adventure tours are a combination of sightseeing tour of famous and unknown attractions of Israel and Jordan with quest game elements. This quest tours allow you to turn from the outside listener idly observing the historical monuments into the direct participant of historic events. For the short period of time you will try on different characters: a pilgrim, medieval knight, treasure hunter, detective discovering the truth, explorer of the past etc.
Something extraordinary and unexpected is waiting for you. You will discover the fascinating story of ancient cities, castles and geographic places. You will participate in festive ceremonies, theatrical performances, wine tasting and oriental cooking.
These tours will allow you to become acquainted with our country, its inhabitants, customs and traditions and fill you with a lot of positive energy. And this is an important part of any good travel experience.
We developed several exclusive programs, designed for one or two days, that can be a perfect addition to your trip in Israel.
All the tours are conducted by professional certified guides.
tours israel tours israel tours israel tours israel
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tours israel
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