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Our Team

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Anya Zubova (aka Artemonka) qterra team

The irreplaceable engine of the company, the generator of creative ideas, the main copywriter and manager of Q-Terra.
The ardent fan of canyoning and speleology. Also, she likes to discover the hidden treasures among the immense spaces of Israel, which she previously digs in herself. Member of Cave Rescue Team.
Only the global apocalypse can stop her. And this is not obvious.
B.A. in Archaeology and Geography.
Event Manager.
qterra team    

Stas Manevich (aka Gluk) qterra team

The irreplaceable accumulator of the irreplaceable engine of the company.
Instructor of climbing and canyoning. Member of Cave Rescue Team and mountain skier. Owing to the absence of the snow in Israel he drives cars in slalom
The expert in creative solutions of complicated problems. In other words, Mr. Woolf.
In a free time from extreme sports he bakes pies and learns embroidery. But it's a secret information.
BSCS (Computer Science).
Radio engineer. Expert in WiFi/WiMAX/LTE wireless networks.
qterra team    

Yoni Ribalsky (aka Yonir)

The professional certified pilot in Israel, USA and Russia
Three times flew around the world on the ultralight plane in 2008, 2009 and 2010
Canyoning and caving instructor.
First canyoneer in Israel who descended the 300 meters wall in wadi Arnon in 2010.
BSC - Navigation systems engeneer (Tel Aviv University)
Likes gardening, his wife and children and baking.
qterra team    

Anton Umnitsyn (aka Cyber) qterra team

Caver and climber.
Instructor of Ukrainian Speleological Sociaty (USS).
Member of USS rescue team.
Manager of speleological expeditions.
Participated in various multi-extreme marathons (bike, field orientation, kayaks, shooting and everything with ropes).
2-nd level in motosports.
MA Computer Science.
Travel is his way of life.
So, danger! Wild Caver!
qterra team    

Catherine Medvedeva (aka Medvedeva) qterra team

Two-time world champion in sport caving technique.
Pioneer in the deepest cave on the earth - Krubera-Crow (2 kilometers depth).
The first woman in the world at a depth of 2 km.
Instructor of all categories of caving and rescue work.
Likes bike travelling, mountain ski and sometime dancing.
Works as a photographer.
qterra team    

Michael Tuval (aka Kutcher)

Israel’s and Jordan’s mountains, gorges and deserts specialist. He is Oriental, Biblical and early Christianity historian. At present, he’s completing his doctorate on ancient history in Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Extremely hardy and talkative. Uses beer instead of the water.
qterra team    

Michael Korol (aka Korol) qterra team

Everything for the curious noses!
The author of the famous book "Royal (Korol in Russian) walks in Jerusalem". The head of scientific-adventure seminar "All around the Temple".
M.A. in History.
Warning! The wide usage of non-standard ancient Chaldea lexicon!
qterra team    

Roman Kripak (aka Windik)

The paragliding instructor, tandem pilot. In 2006, he has made a flight on the paraplane from Slovenia to Italy.
Italian Air Force can confirm the reliability of this fact.
He goes out from the house to the local store only by air, thereby avoiding any traffic jams and traffic lights.
Sometimes, he's coming down from the skies just to walk over the canyons and caves.
And in vain they say, that born to creep cannot fly.
M.Sc. Microbiology.
tours israel
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