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Active Leisure tours in Israel

Israel is not only the country where Jesus Christ had walked and preached, not only the country where there are the sacred places of three major world religions and not only country that Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte had tried to conquer.
Israel is also the country where the lowest place on Earth is – the Dead Sea, the biggest crater in the world – Ramon, the longest salt cave on the planet – Malham and the smallest world's desert – Judean Desert. On the narrow piece of land 800 km long you can see the snow-capped peaks of Mount Hermon, the ever-green forests of Carmel and the hot sand of the Negev Desert.
Our active leisure tours include dry and water canyoning, speleo (caving), paragliding, horse riding, rock climbing, yachting and others.
All tours are carried out by professional instructors and provided with special extreme activities insurance.

tours israel tours israel tours israel tours israel
Canyoning Water canyoning Caving Paragliding
tours israel tours israel tours israel tours israel
Horse riding Yachting and Kayaks Diving Climbing
tours israel
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