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Snapling / Snepling / Rappelling in Israel

Snapling tour? Team Building for your company? Birthday? Children fun day?

If you are open minded, young at heart, seeking for new refreshing and interesting things to do on holidays or vacation days, then you’ve come to the right place!
Let us introduce to you snapling for everybody! Don’t know what “snapling” (snepling) is? No worries, the explanation follows right away!
Snapling is an Israeli slang word for “rappelling” or “canyoning” – that is descending with ropes and alpine equipment down the high waterfalls, rock walls and even within deep cave holes!
Snapling Snepling In Israel snapling is a very popular type of active leisure on weekends. And the nature provides for it unique and beautiful spots all around the country. Dry canyons in the Dead Sea area offer snapling lovers to try the highest slopes and breathtaking views.
In summer, the streaming waterfalls of Golan Heights invite you to swim in cool water and enjoy the classic rappelling route.
Every weekend there is a different snapling tour scheduled. You can choose whatever tour you like depending on your physical condition, hiking experience and personal tastes.
How this weekend tour is handled? Simple.
Snapling Snepling
The group gets together in camping place, nice evening meal with grilled meat is served, interesting stories are told and some even bring guitars and other musical instruments to play under the starry sky. In the morning, all group is going out on the snapling route.
Snapling Snepling What is important in these tours is that team spirit that makes people who just yesterday didn’t know each other’s names, friends and team partners.
This is a great way to overcome your personal fears, to learn something new and exciting, to meet great people (it’s strange but true: snapling tours attract only great people!), and even to find love :-)
It’s also a nice and somehow easy way to get in shape! Climbs and descends, hiking that involves passing various obstacles in different ways make your body sweat, thin and sexy :-)
In addition to weekend snapling tours there are also private tours made by request. You can order such tour on any date and any place you like, with friends or co-workers, to celebrate birthday or anniversary, to arrange romantic journey or family trip.
No experience or special physical shape is needed! Most of the snapling tours are suitable for children from the age of 7. We have everything covered: active sports insurance, professional instructors and internationally certified equipment.

If you don’t have any transportation, we can arrange some pick up for you, if you don’t know which route to choose, you can always contact us and we give you a sincere advice. If you think it’s expensive, well…we have some sales and discounts published on site!

So, click “Order” or pick up the phone and give us a call! Let’s have some fun together!

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