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April 4-5 - Available
June 3-4

Underground Rappelling Tour to Sodom Cave!

It is well known, that mount Sodom hides inside hundreds of different caves and holes. Some of them are hard to access, some poorly studied, and only a few have convenient and easy exit to the Dead Sea line.
We invite you to join us into the underground adventure to one of such "first line" caves.

Let us introduce to you the "bronze" medalist of the longest Israeli dungeons - Sodom cave! This beautiful salt cave came in 3-rd place due to its total length - about 1800 meters. But it's not the size that matters when we talk about the charming and unreal beauty of underground depths of Sodom.

And Sodom cave has definitely something to amaze and astonish even the most experienced and sophisticated travelers.
One of the cave's halls called "Foxhole" (in Hebrew Pir Shual) 60 meters high, has an interesting feature: while descending down the rope through smal narrow gap (probably the appearance of this gap gave a name to the cave's hall), the rope starts to turn around and...you feel like you want to sing, scream and even curse! This effect of "crying soul" almost everybody feels on himself. And the reason is good: you see before your eyes the huge hall lit with sun, with all its enourmous sizes and luxury.<

But this is only the beginning of numerous surprises the cave saves for its visitors.
While inside the cave , it is difficult to believe that this miraculous creation of nature itself. Huge rectangular salt blocks, wide aisles with high smooth ceilings somewhat reminiscent of modern buildings and it seems like a thicker walled salt whole city.

We guarantees:
1. The unusual photographs.
2. The tour you will not forget in the next 10 years.
3. The feeling of envy of those to whom you will tell about the place where you have been.

Our group will descend down the entrance hole using special alpine equipment. Then, you will go through (and sometimes even crawl) the winding maze of caves, heading deeper and deeper into the ground. Squeezing through the narrow passages of stalactites and stalagmites, helping each other to overcome the obstacles and rough places you will hit the bottom of the cave.

There is no need in previous experience or special physical training for participation in our tour. Throughout the whole journey you'll be in the good hands of our experienced instructors, who will provide your safety, help you in the difficult places, support you with the kind words, and if you'll behave well they will make a true oriental black coffee. Joke :-)

How the caving tour is taking off, read here.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - here.

Tour starts - Friday 20:00. Meeting place - Aroma cafe - Ein Bokek.
Approximate tour finish - Saturday 17:00

The number of participants is limited!

Tour price - 250 NIS for each participant.

- set of UIAA*/CE certified brand canyoning equipment for each participant
- certified Instructors
- insurance

Not included:
- food
- transportation

* UIAA - International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation
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Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
Caving (spelunking / snapling) in Israel - Sdom Cave
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