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Tour in Israel - Every Wednesday!
Rappelling in canyon Qumran + swimming in the Dead Sea!

transportation included

Photo Gallery from previous tours:
Album 1, Album 2

Canyoning (snapling) tour into the one of the prettiest canyons of the Dead Sea area with its unforgettable dry waterfalls and caves.

We guarantee:
1. Unusual photographs.
2. Tour that you will not forget in the next 10 years.
3. Feeling of envy of those whom you will tell about the place where you've been.
Canyon Qumran is a real "gold mine" of mysteries and discoveries of the Dead Sea. Since the sensational discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 40s of XX century, the archaeologists still find here precious artifacts and some discoveries could be an inspiration for a great scenario of a thriller or detective film.

In the 1st century A.D. in Qumran the religious sect of Essays who thought to be the ancestors of Christianity existed. They left a huge library we call Dead Sea Scrolls and both religious and scientific circles fought for the right to have it first. This "scrolls war" is still active more than 50 years later.

In the past the adventurers had to overcome the unthinkable obstacles just to get into the canyon. Today it is easy and comfortable. A beautiful walking trail is leading to the top of the canyon with a gorgeous view on a mirror like waters of the Dead Sea and Jordan mountains.

There's always a feeling of an indescribable euphoria when with the help of ropes and carabines you have to get into a place where a man is a rare guest. This way you become the one of a few who could see the creation of water and wind untouched by a civilization– the white slopes of Qumran canyon.

Here, on the canyon's slopes you can see the "hiding caverns" where archaeologists dig the precious artifacts. Inside the canyon are the remains of ancient Roman aqueduct which led the rain waters to the village at the Dead Sea coast.

Warm sun and fresh wind will color your skin with a light tan. The air, saturated with mineral salts, will strengthen your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Adrenalin from rappelling will raise the degree of your impressions for a long time. All this with a support of history and nature of Qumran will be the best recipe for interesting and cognitive rest.

And for a desert there will be nice and relaxing swimming for body and soul in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. These waters are known for their healing and cosmetic qualities from the times of Queen Cleopatra. Great orient lunch with variety of meat and vegetable dishes will be the great conclusion of the energetic day.

Tour program:
09:00 - 13:00 Rappelling in Qumran canyon
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:00 Swimming and tanning on the Dead Sea beach (Kalia)

There is no need in previous experience or special physical training for participation in our tour.
Throughout the whole journey you'll be in the good hands of our experienced instructors, who will provide your safety, help you in the difficult places and support you with the kind words.

The tour is suitable for children from the age of 7
Minimal participants for the tour: 2

How the canyonning tour is taking off, read here.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - here.

- Bus/Car will take you from the places listed below.
- It is very important to be ready on time and wait for a transport in a lobby of a hotel or in a point of meeting.
- The transport can arrive with a little delay. We'll appreciate your patience and understanding.

Time and meeting points
- Netaniya: hotels on a coastline and central bus station - 05:10
- Tel-Aviv: hotels on Yarkon and Ha-Mered streets - 05:50
- Tel-Aviv: Arlozorov railway station - 06:30
- Jerusalem: hotels near the city's entrance and Binyaney Uma (opposite the central bus station) - 07:40

The approximate ending of the tour - 20:00

You should take following for the tour:
- 3-4 liters of water for each participant - must have!
- sport footgear - must have!
- headdress for sun protection - must have!
- pants and shirt with long sleeves - must have!
- spare clothing (since you will be dirty after cave)
- camera
- sun protection eyeglasses
- sun protection cream
- small backpack for the above
- good mood!

Tour price - 155 USD (or 620 ILS).

The number of participants is limited!

The price includes:
- Transportation
- Caving UIAA/CE* set for each participant
- Certified instructors
- Insurance
- Private Dead Sea beach entrance
- Booking service

Price does not include:
- Lunch (15-18 USD)

* UIAA - International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation
* CE - European Product Safety Regulations
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tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
tours israel
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