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Wine Odyssey

For many centuries people were wondering why any sweet fruit juice, including grape, while was left in a bottle, even tightly corked, soon had been starting to boil and foam, and as a result, had been turning into a drink that had special qualities. These special qualities could cheer a man up, increase his strength and produce pleasant intoxication. People thought that the special spirit was “sitting” within the juice, giving it its powers. Therefore, ancient Romans called it literally – “spiritus vini”.  And the drink, the spirit had been “sitting” in they called – Vinum, or as we call it today – wine.
In Israel since the ancient times the grapes were the symbol of the Promised Land and in Judaism there is even a special prayer to God as the creator of the grapevine fruits. Wine is also the integral attribute of the religious ceremonies. According to the Bible, the first winemaker is considered to be Noah, who had planted the vineyard after the Flood, made wine and when drank it for the first time – had gotten indeed very drunk.
The profound relationship between man and winemaking grew and developed in Israel for thousands of years, but after the Islamic conquest of the country, the wine was forbidden and the fertile vineyards were cut to the root. Only in XIX century with the first European emigrants the winemaking in Israel was reborn.
Today the Israeli winemaking is in the prime of life. The large producers of wine, such as “Binyamina”, “Carmel”, “Golan Heights” and others are well known to the global market.
In the last decade on the wine map of Israel have appeared so-called “boutique wineries” that produce wine only from the selected varieties of grapes and virtually do not export their products. Boutique wineries are especially interesting because there it is possible not only to taste amazing wines but also to learn the wine etiquette and vineyard planting, to know more about sorts of grapes and wine producing rules.
Wine Odyssey is an exciting journey into the world of Israeli winemaking in Russian and English! You will join the cognitive expedition to the mysteries and secrets of wine, so dear to the hearts and minds of many generations of the humankind.
You will visit the unique boutique-wineries which are subject of interest to many gourmands and wine connoisseurs from around the world, as well as:
  • Learn the hard work of wine tasters while tasting wine under the strict guidance of wine expert

  • Get acquainted with parables, legends and stories associated with wine and winemaking, both in Israel and worldwide

  • Learn the wine etiquette which was known at the time only to the upper class of French aristocracy.

  • Visit the world famous historical and natural places: Jerusalem, Acre, Dead Sea, Golan Heights

  • Try the unique cheese and dairy products that Israel is so famous for. Of course, we cannot step aside the hummus, which is the “Head of the Table” in every Israeli family
Take a paragliding flight at the Golan Heights, looking at the Promised Land from the bird’s view height
If all of the above isn’t enough, we have many other interesting things in store, additional surprises that won’t leave you indifferent.
This program is for one day. Visiting wineries are accompanied by the wine consultant; additional attractions are accompanied by the professional instructors and guides.
Details and booking at: info@qterra.org
wine tours israel
wine tours israel
wine tours israel
wine tours israel
wine tours israel
wine tours israel
wine tours israel
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