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Jerusalem Underground - Quest Tour

Jerusalem is jokingly called the "celestial real estate". As we know, this city is the sacred place for three major religions of the world.
The Muslims say that one prayer in Jerusalem is worth 40,000 similar prayers in any other place. The Jews believe that from the ten beauty measures of this world, nine got Jerusalem. The Christians believe that in this Holy City the spiritual center of the planet is placed.
The most amazing thing is that Jerusalem has absolutely no claim to such universal fame because of its geographic location. Unlike other famous cities of the antiquity, Jerusalem is far from the sea, has no mineral deposits, has never been a part of major trading routes and in the terms of strategic importance is completely useless. Not to mention that at all times it was very difficult to reach Jerusalem.
The fame of Jerusalem is created by the images and people, such as Abraham and Muhammad, the kings David, Salomon and Herod and Jesus Christ. Historically, every known ancient and modern civilization left its "fingerprints" on the city. Every stone in Jerusalem has its own unique story.
So, unique stories are exactly the purpose of our adventure tour in the undergrounds of Jerusalem.
The underground world of the Holy City has preserved for our generation all that multi-faceted beauty of the centuries-old architecture, which on the surface has been ruined for a long time or completely changed its appearance.
On this tour you will have to undertake a detective investigation in order to discredit one of the ancient legends. Also, you will:
- Walk through the underground tunnel along the Western Wall, part of which is the famous Wailing Wall and get into the atmosphere of the city in the times of King Herod and Hasmonean dynasty.
- Visit a little known chapels of the Holy Sepulcher, the undergrounds of the Church of Christ and see the Gestration reservoir associated with many superstitions and legends.
- Explore the Main Square and the streets of the Roman city Elia Capitolina, today all is under the modern surface and play the "casino" games of Roman Legionnaires.
- Take a journey to the king Salomon’s cave (Zedekkiya) which is believed to be the quarry for the Salomon’s Temple.
- Go down into the ancient tunnel leading to Gihon Spring that was used to deliver water to the besieged Jerusalem.
- Take part in the archaeological excavation, cleaning and sorting the artifacts.
And this is just a part of all that awaits you in this unforgettable day of your acquaintance with Jerusalem.
This tour is conducted with quest-game elements and is guided by professional guide. The tour is designed for one day.
The program of the quest-tour may vary due to religious holidays and ceremonies and political condition in the city.
Details and booking at: info@qterra.org
tours israel jerusalem
tours israel jerusalem
tours israel jerusalem
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