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Jaffa Port - Quest style Tour

Touching the beauty in all its meanings can be possible only in Jaffa. Even the name of the city in translation from Hebrew means – "beautiful".
Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world. Its history is more than 4000 years old. It had been seized by the great historical figures of the ancient and modern world: the Pharaoh Ramses II, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, Napoleon Bonaparte and others. And each one of them, probably for the love of beauty, thought to be his honorable duty to completely destroy the city and then to rebuilt it.
Today the city is a part of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa metropolitan and the Old City has become the home for Israeli bohemia: artists, sculptors, poets, writers and musicians. In the renovated Jaffa port yachts and fishing boats are moored and its lighthouse has turned into historical landmark.
Despite the constant destruction, the richest history of Jaffa is felt at every step. The city is enshrouded in mysteries, legends, stories about love and war and funny anecdotes. And all this history you will discover and learn on your own.
In the course of this adventure tour you will for one day turn into the pilgrim who is entering the Holy Land through its "Main Gate" – Jaffa port, as well as:

- Launch the kites for luck, as did the medieval Arab sailors
- Learn to read Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics in order to figure out the military secret of Pharaohs.
- Visit the Mass in the Catholic Church, which Crusader Knights had listened to.
- Find the alternative version of the famous Greek Myth of Perseus and Andromeda and their involvement in Jaffa.
- Visit the world's only restaurant where all the waiters are deaf and communicate only in sign language.
- Bake your own Arab "Sambusak" cakes.
- Hear the legend of the Old Jaffa lighthouse.
- Make a wish on the "Zodiac Bridge" and it surely will come true.

There are more surprises, that we keep in secret for this adventure to be full and unexpected.

The adventure tour-quest is guided by the professional guide and designed for one day.
For details and tour booking: info@qterra.org
tours israel jaffa
tours israel jaffa
tours israel jaffa
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