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Crusaders Trails in Israel

"Deus vult!" - "God wants it!"
Crusaders battle call
In the XII-XIII centuries A.D in the whole Europe there was no, in modern words, trend more popular than the Crusades. It was a time of warriors and adventurers, brave knights and beautiful ladies, fanatical love of God and a fierce hatred of heretics. The Crusades had given the history Richard the Lionheart and the Order of Knights Templar, the gothic style and the mystic sect of Assassins.
The crusaders formed on the land of Israel the Kingdom of Jerusalem which existed slightly less than two hundred years. And today, almost everywhere you can see the remnants of their former greatness and power. The spirit of the Middle Ages is still carried over the monasteries and fortresses, churches and cities.
The history of this period is similar to an adventure novel, thrilling and intriguing literally from the first sentence. And only in Israel you can literally touch and feel the places where the major events of the Crusades occurred, and then described and praised in medieval chronicles and legends.
During our multi-day excursion you will be transported hundreds of years back, namely to XII century AD and will become knights and beautiful ladies. Along with the deep acquaintance with the history of the Crusades, you will also:
- Learn the basics of the sword fight, wear armor and ride the spirited horse
- Undergo the initiation ceremony to the Order of Knights Templar in order to find the lost Templar treasure
- Take part in the medieval ball and learn the simple but beautiful medieval dance
- Visit cities and fortresses of the crusaders: Arsuf, Caesarea, Akko, Tsippori , Subeibe, Belvoir, Jerusalem and others
- Listen the organ concert in one of the few churches, preserved in its original form since the Crusades
- See with your own eyes the places of fateful battles of the Crusades and learn many interesting stories about the main personas of this period: kings and sultans
The excursion is designed for 5-7 days; each of them can be used as one day tour.
The tour is guided by the professional guide and with quest-game elements.
For details and tour booking: info@qterra.org
crusaders tours israel
crusaders tours israel
crusaders tours israel
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