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Alternative Jordan

The first thing that comes to mind when Jordan is mentioned is Petra. The stone city-necropolis, lost within the red desert rocks. This is the place, where Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail in the famous Steven Spielberg movie. This is a place which is hard to get around in one day, because the head is spinning from the incredible beauty of the rock architecture.
However, Jordan is not only Petra.
In our understanding, Jordan is primarily the country where the East is reflected in all its meanings as European travelers described it hundreds of years ago, but it does not forget about the present. It is the eastern hospitality, friendliness, color and originality of Jordanians that is drawn to this country each time. And from a standpoint of historical heritage and natural beauty, Jordan undoubtedly has much to be proud of.
So, we want to show you Jordan through our own eyes.
Your adventure begins almost from the first minute of your stay in the country. It seems, Jordanians have their own driving rules. Any driver considers his honorable duty to whistle the approaching cars as the sign of “greeting”. And they whistle him back. Here you can calmly drink a cup of sweet tea or a strong Arab coffee in the sideway kiosk which looks like an ordinary little building but is known to all Jordanians.
On the way to Petra, the driver stops the car in the observation spot, where you can see the Dead Sea, the purple-red mountains around, Aaron Pick and Little Petra. While you’re enjoying the breathtaking view, the driver whispers to your ear that on your left you can also see the palace of the King’s cousin. And he whispers with such pride in his voice like he was the chief architect of the palace.
You will see Petra in the flickering lights of hundreds of candles, walking through the narrow Siq canyon at sunset. Believe us; this spectacular scene does not happen every day. You will visit Petra by night with traditional oriental dinner on rugs with the famous El Chazne building on the background, as well as:
  • Participate in the camel trip to the heart of Wadi Rum desert, looking like space pictures of Martian surface.  By the way, Wadi Rum in translation from Arabic means Moon Valley and fully justifies its name.

  • Discover rock carvings of the lost Nabataea tribe which is believed to be the ancestors of the today Bedouins.

  • Visit the Bedouin tent where the hosts do not let everyone in. You will try original cooked on fire tea “Khabak” from the desert herbs. This tea has an unusual taste and eliminates the feeling of thirst, which is very important for people living in the desert. You will also learn Jordan Bedouins customs, some of them strange and incomprehensible but very interesting.

  • Visit the huge and gloomy castle of Kerak, once belonged to the bloodiest of Crusader knights – Reynald of Chatillon. Even today Jordanian mothers threaten their naughty children with his name.

  • Walk in the Kerak water canyon with its narrow high cliffs of unique beauty.

  • Take a walk through the streets of ancient Roman city of Jarash which has been preserved almost completely. Today on the Hippodrome of the city horse races are held as two thousand years ago, and the world’s best musicians perform in Jarash amphitheatre.

  • Taste the favorite Jordanian national dish – the Mansaf. This is homemade lamb meat cooked in sour sauce, served with rice and eastern bread – laffa. You will also taste the famous oriental sweets – baklava and knafe.

  • Take a picture of fancy salt sculptures on Jordanian beach of Dead Sea.
This and many more we offer you in Alternative Jordan program. Join us, you won’t regret it!
This excursion program is designed for a period of 2-5 days and is conducted by a professional guide.
Details and booking at: info@qterra.org
tours jordan
tours jordan
tours jordan
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