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Paragliding in Israel - Tandem Flights

Paragliding in Israel - Tandem Flights

Mediterranean sea coast paragliding flights
Mountain paragliding flights
Cross Country paragliding flights
How does paragliding tandem flight work?
Preliminary requirements for paragliding flight
How to book paragliding flight?
How unusual it must be to see the world from the bird's eye view! Swing your legs in an emptyness and feel that you're not just hanging in the air, you're moving! You feel the breath of the wind, enjoy the sun warmth, curiously look at the drifting narrow strings of the roads below, colourful carpets of grain fields, and houses that look like small boxes. Feels like you're flying in a dream!
But it's not a dream. It's the paragliding flight!
The paraglider is the lightest piloted aircraft in the world! Since its invention in the middle 60-s of 20-th century, the question "can people fly like birds?" is not relevant anymore.
With the help of the wind, the Wing takes you on the height that people couldn't even dream about until this day and allows to fly for hours. In addition, it easily fits in the backpack and weighs less then 10 kg.
Paragliding in Israel is very popular extreme activity.
Its popularity owes to the fact that unlike the other countries, the flying season in Israel is all year round. Relatively small height of the flight sites (300-500 meters) is compensated by the variety and proximity of the geographic locations.
The paragliding flights are possible both in dynamic and thermal air flows. In simple words, you can fly both in the mountains and the sea coast.

Mediterranean sea coast paragliding flights

In the period from April to October the weather in Israel is sunny and stable, without any drastic changes. In paragliding language it means that the flights are available almost every day!

The most popular sea coast flying sites are:
- Netanya seacoast
- Appollonia (Arsuf) in Herzelia
- Gaash coast (between Herzelia and Netanya)

The flights start from noon until sunset.
Duration of the single tandem-flight with professional instructor is about 20-30 minutes.

Mountain flights

The best season for mountain flights is winter, from November to May. In summer season some of the mountain sites are also available for paragliding.
Despite the unstable winter weather, it is possible to fly in different spots in the country, including Dead Sea area!
In addition to the usual takeoffs from the hill, paragliders also use towing takeoffs in the areas where there's no suitable hills available. This special towing takeoff technique allows to fly also in desert areas, such as Northern Negev.

The most popular mountain flying sites are:
- Gilboa mountain (near Afula)
- Tabor mountain
- Sarona mountain
- Golan Heights (near Mevo Hama)
- Metsoke Dragot (Dead Sea area)
- Carmel mountain (near Haifa)

The flights start from the morning and until the weather conditions are available.
Duration of the single tandem-flight with professional instructor is about 15-20 minutes (average).

Cross Country flights

While mountaineers seek for heights and speleologists seek for depths, paragliders seek for heights and distances in the sky. Cross-country flights are the core of the paragliding sport today. It is the "heart and soul" of paragliding.
Cross-country flight allows to fly on different heights for hours, "play with the air flows" while "jumping" from one thermal to another and get a long distance flight.
Such cross-country flights are also available for tandem.
One of the most popular cross-country tandem paragliding route is from mount Tabor to Kinneret Lake. It is a real adventure where you can literally touch the clouds, see the Biblical Galilee from the bird's eye-view, feel the cold air and amazing spins and twists of the paraglider.
Only in the cross-country paragliding tandem flight you will be a real part of the flying team. You'll learn how to "catch thermals", navigate in the air together with the instructor and almost act as a second pilot.
Only in the cross-country flight you can deeply feel and love the skies!

Duration of a single cross-country flight is 1-2 hours (approximately). The height of the flight varies between 300 and 2000 meters.
The best season for cross-country paragliding flights is April - November. In winter season these flights are strongly dependent on weather conditions.

How does paragliding tandem flight work?

The most important part of the paragliding flight, as well as in any other air flight, is takeoff and landing.
In paragliding tandem flight the essential part of the good takeoff is the passenger. Since the passenger is sitting in front of the pilot, his actions are very important for paraglider to take off the ground. The same thing happens in landing, there the passenger is the first one to step on the ground.
So, first thing that you'll see when you'll get to the start point is the careful preparations of the pilot before the flight. The good pilot will "sniff" the wind, check the correct wind direction by the special windvane and wait, if necessary, for a good conditions for flight.
If the weather conditions are fine, than the pilot starts to unpack the paraglider, carefully and thoroughly, checks every string and carabiner, just like pilots do when check the plane before departure.
When paraglider is ready, it's your turn to be prepared for the flight. You will get a detailed instruction of what you need to do and take on the paragliding harness and helmet. It is important to hear the instructor and do exactly what he says.
When both instructor and passenger are ready, it is time to take off the ground! Following the instructions of the instructor, you'll start to run down the hill to get enough speed for paraglider to rise from the ground and take off.
When in the air, you'll follow the instructions of how to sit in the harness and then start to enjoy your flight. While paragliding, you'll also help the instructor to make turns and as a great bonus, get a couple of wingovers, spirals and spins that make a flight a true extreme air adventure!

Before the landing, the pilot will instruct you the necessary actions you must do. The proper landing in paragliding feels simple and even enjoyable.

Preliminary requirements for paragliding flight

- There is a weight limit for paragliding flight - 120 kg (265 lb)
- Age limit for paragliding flight - from 10 years old. Children under the age of 10 can get a special permission for flight (the issue is discussed with administration individualy)
- Closed shoes and empty pockets
- Warm clothing (for mountain flights)
- Sunglasses

How to book paragliding flight?

  • You can book a flight for any day of the week (including Friday and Saturday)
  • There is self-arrival to the flight point. We provide the necessary driving directions or public transport information
  • The minimum overall time of the single flight (including instructions) is about one hour and a half (time is approximate)
  • For booking please write your request to info@qterra.org. In the request include the desired date of the flight, the number of participants, your age and weight
  • For questions and details you can also call +972-54-6312667 or leave a message in our Facebook page
  • You'll receive the confirmation letter with the date and time of your flight to your e-mail. Please note, that the final confirmation of the flight in winter season will be about 24 hours before the flight date
  • In winter season the flights are strongly depended on weather conditions, so there might be cancellations or date moving. In the case of cancellation due to weather conditions there is a full refund
  • In summer season it is recommended to book the flight at least 7 days prior to the desired date

  • The prices for paragliding tandem flights

    - Sea coast flights - from 100 USD per person
    - Mountain flights (and towing flights) - from 150 USD per person
    - Cross Country flight - from 270 USD per person

    Information for pilots

    If you're a pilot and you want to receive an information about paragliding flight spots, rent an equipment or/and take a paragliding guide or courses, please write to anya.zubova@qterra.org with your requests, flying experience etc.

    You can ask questions by email info@qterra.org or Facebook

    or by phone +972 54 6312667 - Anya

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