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Horse riding tours in Israel

For most of us, the children of the "concrete jungle" towns and the Internet, the horse riding is what we usually see in westerns and historical action movies.
Finding themselves on a horseback, some will first of all ask for the remote control, some will ask "and how can I switch on the reverse gear?", and some with a sincere surprise will say "wow, it's so high..."
But in fact, the relationship between the human and the horse goes back to the ancient times. And only in present days, dashing horses have turned from the necessary civil and military "vehicle" into the object for hobby and sports.
Horse riding courses and horseback riding tours become very popular kinds of active leisure. The communication with the horse, this beautiful and amazing animal allows to come closer to the nature, teaches patience, gentleness and self-control. And literally opens your soul.
In Israel, the most prevalent horse riding style is "Western". This style allows you to feel comfortably in the saddle for many hours and to control the horse with just one hand. Unlike the classic "English" style, the "Western" saddle has a famous handle for lasso.
Various horse riding trips can be done anywhere in the country, if it's a romantic ride along the Mediterranean seacoast or a cowboy style tour among the biblical sites and citrus plantations with the dinner cooked on fire.
If you're traveling with the family, your kids will probably like the idea of horseback ride on a pony or donkey, while you learn the basics of steadiness in the saddle and a trot riding.
All rides are accompanied by the professional instructor.
The duration of the tours is from 1 to 5 hours depending on the tour complexity.

For details and tour booking: info@qterra.org
horse riding israel
horse riding israel
horse riding israel
horse riding israel
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