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Diving in Israel

Diving is the window to another world. The world that is completely different than ours. Incredibly beautiful and mysterious, once you saw it – you would never forget it.
When plunging into the water you immediately understand that here different laws are present, everything is different. Your moves are smooth as it was no gravity around, the colors are bright and shine, and complete silence. Divers use special "underwater" sign language; there is even international underwater signs system. For example, the raised thumb, which on the land means "okay", "excellent", under the water has absolutely different meaning – "pop up". Accordingly, the thumb lowered downwards means - "dive". But the ring formed by the thumb and forefinger means "okay", "excellent". Don't mix up!
As it comes to diving in Israel, the first place you hear about is the Red Sea. The gulf of Eilat, better known as Aqaba gulf, replete with stunning reefs, underwater cliffs and colorful fauna. At the same time, there are also intro dives in the Mediterranean Sea. For example, in Caesarea opened the world’s first underwater museum, on the site of the ancient port, built in the era of the famous King Herod. Visitors are suggested to see the underwater archaeological artifacts along with the remains of sunken ships, accompanied by the guide-instructor.
In order to see all this beauty, you don't need to have previous experience or special certification.
You pass a short instructing on diving rules and safety precautions, try on diving suit and flippers, put on "load" and the scuba gear, and together with your instructor, dive to a depth of 10 meters – the safe depth for beginners in scuba diving.
Certified divers can rent the necessary equipment and independently explore the underwater depths and the manners of marine inhabitants.
Duration of intro diving for beginners is 20-30 minutes to the depth of 10 meters.

For details and tour booking: info@qterra.org
diving israel
diving israel
diving israel
diving israel
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