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Climbing in Israel

You will be surprised, but the interest to the conquest of tops is manifested at the majority of people in the deep childhood. Remember how often your parents had to take you down from the trees, fences, attics, garage roofs and cupboard top shelves?...
Rock climbing, which several years ago was basically a prerogative of professional mountaineers and extreme sports fans, today has become a fashionable hobby in order to maintain a physical health and effectively manage a stress. And quite rightly!
Climbing is very useful for health, both physical and mental. It also brings a wonderful feeling of self achievement. After all, when you’re hanging at the height of more than 10 meters above the ground, firmly holding on the rocky ledges with your hands and feet, you are completely disconnected from the reality of everyday routine and personal problems. All your attention and thoughts are concentrated on one thing: how to get to those distant stones.
In this way you’re developing the strategic and tactical thinking, practicing your visual memory, spatial vision, motor coordination and quick decision making. Your muscles are working at full strength. Also, you may discover the groups of muscles that you never thought would exist in your body! Endorphins – the hormones of joy are released in your blood, displace adrenalin and allow to get rid of the stress and anxiety.
Climbing brings together friends, parents and children, employees and bosses, developing the teamwork, self confidence and a deep understanding of each other literally at a glance.
In Israel there are beautiful natural rock climbing walls and sites at any level of complexity, both for beginners and experienced climbers.
We organize entertaining climbing days and courses from scratch throughout the country, including famous rock climbing walls in Wadi Kelt in Judean Desert on the background of cutout in stone St. George monastery, and Beit Oren climbing wall, hidden in the woods on a Carmel mountain.
Visiting the rock climbing sites is possible all year round.

For details and tour booking: info@qterra.org
climbing israel
climbing israel
climbing israel
climbing israel
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