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Canyoning in Israel

Where and how to do Canyoning in Israel?

All is prepared for the descent. You are safely fastened, the instructor for the last time scrupulously checks yours and his equipment and says with a smile: "Well, ready to go?"
You’re standing on the edge of the cliff, with your back to the precipice and you need to make the first step into the abyss… This step is the scariest. Overcoming the fear of the first step, you pull the rope and gently start to go down, slightly touching the cliff. At some point, the rock is little by little getting away from you and you are continuing the descent in the air. The rope is turning you around with the face to the precipice and you’re getting the first giant flash of euphoria.
There is a bright blue Dead Sea right in front of you and above the smooth crystal water raise the purple-red Jordan Mountains. You, probably, for the first time look down your feet and see far below the small dots barely similar to people, shouting encouraging words to you. You are surrounded by the huge slopes of the canyon, illuminated by the sun. It seems, you’ve entered the grandiose stone castle that was created by the most talented architect in the universe – the Nature. You scream out of pleasure and the echo carries your voice far beyond the bounds of the canyon…
But suddenly you touch the ground. What a shame – just got excited when the descent is already over. Don’t worry! There are several more descents right ahead! Hurray!
You are overloaded with the pride and self confidence. Adrenalin is boiling in your veins. And now you join the "support team" on the ground to encourage the next newbie making his first descent in life.
Canyoning in Israel is a widespread activity. Such active leisure is charging with energy, gives strength and in itself represents the unforgettable adventure. The true adventure with ascents and descents, overcoming the various obstacles, sometimes even by swimming. But the main thing is that it happens in the excellent company and with the astonishing views of nature!
The most beautiful and deep gorges with cascade waterfalls up to 120 meters high are in the Dead Sea area and in Eilat Mountains.
We provide everything you need for the Canyoning tour i.e. special equipment, professional instructors, lunch, and transportation to the canyon right from the hotel and back, as well as the warm and fun atmosphere for the entire trip!
Duration of the canyoning tour is from 6 to 10 hours, depending on the canyon’s difficulty level.
The favorable season for the canyoning tour on the Dead Sea is the period from October to April. The weather in the lowest point of the planet at winter season is warm and comfortable, and in the spring the desert flourishes with all the colors of the rainbow!
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Canyoning - rappelling - snapling in Israel
Canyoning - rappelling - snapling in Israel
Canyoning - rappelling - snapling in Israel
Canyoning - rappelling - snapling in Israel
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